Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Home Education today...

Daniel had a performance of 'The Little Man' this morning. So he had to be at the theatre by 9am. When he got back he did some drum practice, then spent some time online while listening to clarinet music. Last night he went to a classical concert by a Viennese orchestra of Mozart music, and said it was wonderful... that was after a day which involved an oral music lesson, a drum lesson, an art lesson and a music theory lesson.

Tim didn't get up till 10am today. He's in that mid-teenage stage of needing a lot of sleep in the mornings. Daniel was just the same at 16. When Tim had finished his shower and had breakfast, he decided to bake some crumpets. He found a Delia Smith recipe, then looked online to find a method of making crumpet rings out of aluminium foil. Yesterday Tim had an oral music lesson in the morning, spent some time online, cut half the 'lawn' in the back garden, popped into Richard's office for a bit, went to see if he could arrange some singing lessons at a local music school (unsuccessfully as it happened) and in the evening went to a YWAM meeting at our church hall - the last one for the current training school.

No 'academic' work at all... it gets increasingly difficult to get around to it, somehow. But I suppose if we were having to keep a schedule I could allocate music (for both), drama (for Dan), ICT (for both), domestic science (for Tim) and RE (for Tim).

Right now... they're watching an episode of 'Yes Minister' which we have on DVD. So that's a useful lesson in political studies...!

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like a wonderful day! :)