Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Lemons and yet more lemons

We have SOOO many lemons this year. Four trees, and they're all doing well. I'm not even having to pick them... every morning when I go outside, I find at least half a dozen windfall lemons, all in good condition. Sometimes more. Here's a picture of a trayful that hasn't yet been used...

I'm making lemonade every week - that takes ten lemons to make three litres of dilutable squash. I've made some lemon curd (two lemons to a jar), a lemon dessert when we had a friend for supper on Monday, and a lemon cake when we had one of the boys' friends for supper on Tuesday. We keep trying to give them away, but it seems that nearly everyone we know either has a lemon tree themselves (also producing magnificently) or a neighbour who is supplying them with plenty.

Discussing this with someone recently, she said, 'Do you freeze them?' No, I said, we don't. How does one do that? Apparently they can either be sliced, to use directly in water in the summer, or the juice can be frozen. Something I had never thought of...

So the following day I looked up freezing lemons in my wonderful Good Housekeeping cookery book (almost falling to pieces, but never mind). It said much the same - also that the pith, either grated or in strips can be frozen too. Which got me thinking... there are about four months of the year when lemons aren't available, either on trees or in the supermarket. So that's four months when I can't make lemonade. If I could freeze just 16 litres of juice, plus the pith from a load of lemons, I could make it all year round.

The problem of course is that we have only one four-drawer freezer, which is always tightly packed, plus a small bit of freezer space over our fridge, also usually jam-packed. I wonder if there's room anywhere for a chest freezer......  Posted by Hello

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