Sunday, November 13, 2005


Somehow we've managed to catch nice photos of all four of our cats in the last couple of weeks.

Here's Cleo, our oldest and most nervous cat. She's seven now, but still as anxious as she was as a kitten. On bonfire night she hid inside Dan's sofa when fireworks started nearby. But here she is sitting out in the sunshine - alert, as ever. Probably she heard a leaf falling somewhere...

Sophia is Cleo's daughter, six-and-a-half years old now. She's highly intelligent, even for a cat, and belongs almost exclusively to Daniel. Or rather, he belongs to her. Here she is having found a very comfortable pillow on his bed:

Jemima is Sophia's twin. She's fluffy, conflict-avoidant, and considers me to be her human. She often sleeps till lunch-time, but here she is sitting outside late one morning:

Last comes Tessie, who is five years old. She is very friendly to people, and unfriendly to other cats. Mostly she tolerates our others, though she has spitting matche with Sophia sometimes. But she fights viciously against any other cats who dare to wander into our garden. Here she is nearly asleep (or perhaps trying to avoid the camera) on a sofa:

We're all 'cat people'. It makes life easier when a whole family is that way. We all quite like dogs too, but much prefer having cats in the home. When Cleo arrived it would never have occurred to us to have more than one cat at a time, but it's very enjoyable having four as they have such distinct characters.


Anvilcloud said...

I agree: dogs are nice, but cats are easier to have around.

Lora said...

Both Hubby and I love cats, but sadly am quite allergic. I think after we deside to no cap the number of humans in our family we will start adding feline members and I'll suffer through becausae I love them so much.