Friday, November 25, 2005

Quick update

Our freight arrived on Tuesday! Excellent company, pallets well-stacked, everything in great condition.

So much of the week has been spent sorting and cataloguing books and finding places for other stuff we unpacked. We did put a few of the boxes away in our tiny loft space, for when we move, but it was fun finding all the books - in all we have about 2,500 now - and the four bookcases we brought out with us.

It's all been very tiring though.


mreddie said...

Found your blog from a link to another and noted that your moving woes in another country are somewhat different, yet probably with elements of sameness in any country.

I have read a bit about Cyprus, particularly during WWII, but have never been there. I was stationed near Paris, France when I was in the military years ago and saw some of Europe. Always regretted not having seen England.

I would enjoy exchanging information about our places of residence if you would be interested. ec

Wong Online PoKér Hu said...

From your post, I can already tell that you are a book fanatic. Well, good luck to your move and organizing, because it seems you will be busy for days.