Sunday, December 04, 2005

Boxed freight and books

Just for the record, this is what our 'Atrium' looked like after we (and a friend) had unloaded the 49 boxes after the freight arrived. The cats were keen to investigate: Tessie quickly managed to find the highest box so she could survey the scene thoroughly.

We didn't unpack everything. But we did get out the dining table, the four bookcases, all the books, some pots and pans and a few other items. Oh, and about nine warm jumpers (sweaters) belonging to Richard. I spent several hours cataloguing all our books on the computer, having moved around the old bookcases and rearranged the order. Our cats have always liked sitting on top of the rattan bookcases; Sophia and Jemima seemed even more pleased to find that (now we've moved them closer together) they could sit next to each other on top of bookcases.

And yes, the Atrium is now clear of boxes. What we didn't unpack is either on top of the fitted wardrobes in our bedroom, or packed away in the tiny loft space above the bathroom.

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