Sunday, December 18, 2005

Christmas family newsletter 2005

December 2005

Dear Family and Friends,

2005 has been quite a year of milestones for the whole family....

... the rest of this newsletter can now be found on our family site, at the Christmas newsletter 2005 page.


Ron Cat said...

I have read your accounts of day to day family life as an expat in Cyprus with considerable interest.
My wife and I are having our third holiday there shortly and maybe this time we'll take the plunge and contemplate moving out.

Anonymous said...

We 'oldies' (wife & I) are spending our first Christmas in Cyprus, staying at our house in Paphos. We were wondering if we can get a Christmas Day meal (maybe Cypiat rather than UK) in a local restuarant. Any type of evening entertainment? What happens on New Years eve?

John & Marion

Bryan said...

As far as Holiday Newsletters, my opinion is: "It entirely depends..."

Holiday newsletters can be a fantastic way to stay in touch if written in a MODEST and ENTERTAINING manner....

However, waaaaaay too many holiday newsletters are far too conceited, boring and outright arrogant.

I have a website that has some funny examples (both real and fiction) of holiday newsletters:

Feel free to email me any funny examples you have with personally identifiable information blacked out:

Anonymous said...

Sue you really encouraged me when I was working as a missinary in India. I had just started homedding and read about you in Cyprus and that encouraged me to keep going. So good to find you again and read the continuing story.
Thank you so much