Friday, March 17, 2006

Road surface revisited

I jumped the gun a bit. Our street wasn't resurfaced on Wednesday, it just had the old surface scraped and cleaned. Or something like that. It looked all right after the rain, but this morning I realised it wasn't much better than before. I wondered a little cynically if they would actually get around to doing a new surface before we move (current best estimate: end of April. Maybe.)

I was pleasantly surprised. Well.. I use the adverb advisedly. Once again the house is rumbling with the noise of large machines driving slowly up and down the street. They've been here at least an hour, and every time they go past the house the windows rattle.

Yes, this is the view from our gate, looking down the street. A pretty typical Cyprus road, with a little more greenery than average. One machine has a load of tar in a container at the front, and was going in reverse - ie away from us - as I clicked the camera, on the other side of the road where the tar hadn't been laid. The other, the one with the four wheels showing, was coming towards us over the tar that had just been dumped. I guess that's the steamroller, or whatever they call them these days.

Here's the freshly-rolled tar just outside our gate. It looks impressive, but we wonder how long it will last. Richard noticed that this morning someone came and cut down overhanging bits of tree - including a few branches of the rubber tree in our front garden. I suppose this was to stop the heavy machines from damaging them. They swept up the leaves, but only roughly. By the time he came home for lunch, several of the leaves had blown back into the road, and ended up under the tar. So much for clearing the road of all loose chippings and other rubbish....

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Anonymous said...

You may be interested to read the new novel "Cyprus Revisited" - viz the website synopsis - when it is published in a few weeks time.