Friday, April 28, 2006

One of the better sides of Cyprus life

For three days this week (which is the second week of Easter break for the schools) the youth group have had various activities planned by a visiting team. So yesterday evening Tim went down to the sea-front for games etc about half past six.

Five minutes later, the phone rang. It was some friends of ours, who are leaving Cyprus in another week, calling to let us know that their shipping company had spent the day packing and collecting the things they're taking with them. Someone else will be movning into their home and buying most of the remaining furniture - beds, table and chairs, kitchen appliances etc - but we'd said we'd like one of their bookcases. So they asked if we could collect it.

So we got in the car and drove to their house. The bookcase just fit in the rear of our estate car, with the back seat down, and we chatted for a few minutes too. I suppose we were out of the house for about 45 minutes in all.

When we returned, we realised that not only had we left the study window wide open, but one of the pairs of side doors that opens onto a tiny balcony - quite visible from the street.

Our reaction was to shrug and smile...

Had it happened in the UK, our instant reaction would have been to worry that something might have been stolen. The worst that was likely to happen here was a stray cat getting in. But since our cats were all in the house, there were no intruders at all. Other than a couple of mosquitoes.

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