Thursday, May 18, 2006

Boat maintenance

Even with a tiny wooden mirror dinghy, there appears to be a fair amount of necessary maintenance. Since Richard hasn't been well, the boat which he started fixing ten days ago is still in our driveway.

He went to a couple of small hardware stores to try to buy some fibreglass fluid (or whatever it is). Half a litre for £9 CY seemed a bit excessive, so he tried the official chandler's instead. There it cost £3 for a litre! They just poured it into a tub for him, and gave him some hardener, and told him roughly what to do. He already had some fibreglass matting, which came with the boat, and although he's never used it before, he had a general idea how to get it to work. So that's what he did yesterday afternoon:

Our sailing friend is coming to have a look at it in a few minutes, to check all is OK, and then Richard will do some varnishing. He's much better today, and hopes to go sailing again on Saturday morning.

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