Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Fatigue or Flu?

All three of us are exhausted this evening.

Really odd.

Yesterday I felt very energetic; I got quite a bit done in the house, and was asleep by about 10.30pm. I had a good night's sleep, and this morning was still reasonably energetic. I made lemonade, and ran the washing machine a couple of times to wash all our winter jackets, since I'm pretty sure we won't be using them again until about November. It was warm and breezy enough that they were dry by about six o'clock this evening.

At lunch-time, Richard said he felt very tired and a bit achey. But he went back to work, and I (still feeling basically fine) went to the quarterly jumble sale at St Helena's church. I picked up four books (for a pound) but nothing else struck me. It was fairly warm walking there and back, although it's not far, and I was surprisingly tired by the time I got home. But when I sat down to read for a bit, I became more tired, not less. By the time I was starting to cook supper, my legs felt as if they had heavy weights in them. I didn't feel as if I could think straight. I made something simple and Tim helped a lot.

Richard got home from work saying he felt really rotten, took some paracetamol, and went to bed. He didn't even want to eat anything. Tim and I sat down to eat, but by then Tim was feeling really tired, too.

So now all three of us feel utterly exhausted. As if we had the flu, but without any regular flu symptoms - no colds, no coughs, no sore throats.

We've had this kind of thing happen before, though not usually to the whole family at the same time. We even dubbed it 'Cyprus flu' since it's so like regular flu in some respects.

But how could we all have caught the same virus at the same time? And who from?

So maybe it's just fatigue, brought on by the continued stress of not knowing what's happening about our house sale in the UK, or when we're going to move.

But then - why would we all suddenly succumb on the same day? That doesn't make sense either.

Ah well. We'll take vitamin C and hope we feel better tomorrow.

(... and I'm so tired and brain-foggy I even managed to publish this in my books blog rather than here, so I had to move it!)

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Lora said...

I do hope all of you are feeling better soon. I haven' had a chane to stop by in a while. I love your new masthead.