Thursday, May 04, 2006

A mosquito woke me about 4am this morning. I didn't feel it biting, but the buzz around my face made me feel as if my teeth were vibrating as I woke.

I tried to slap it in the dark but evidently missed. Or else there were more than one. For the next hour and a half I lay there, randomly slapping the air - and sometimes myself, inadvertently - while a mosquito dive-bombed me. Yes, I should have got up and put on the electric smelly zapper thing, but somehow at that hour of the morning I couldn't quite remember what to do, or summon up the energy to do it.

I finally got up about 5.30, as I knew I wasn't going to sleep. I actually felt reasonably energetic by the time I'd had my coffee and read etc for a couple of hours. I made some more strawberry jam this morning, as strawberries are fairly cheap at present, and also some mespila (loquat) jam, since they're right in season now and we can't eat them all raw, even though I've given away quite a few.
I did a load of laundry for someone staying at Richard's office, stripped the beds and washed sheets and towels - still hanging out now - and chatted with Dan on IM for a bit.

At lunchtime Richard updated me with the latest on our house in the UK. It still isn't sold. It sounds as if there is now some doubt about whether the mortgage really has been approved. A broker had said it definitely was, but there's no paperwork from the building society. So now the buyer's solicitor has sent some extremely complex (and unecessary) documents to the building society, asking for their consent to the mortgage in writing. The guarantor is worried that they will decide it's too much hassle, and pull out.

So it's potentially a big problem, but we're still hoping and praying that things will work out. Soon.

At 7pm, just as we were about to start eating our evening meal, the tiredness hit me. Pow! Right out of the blue. But I don't really want to go to bed before at least 9am, or I'll wake at four again, and the cycle will continue.

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mreddie said...

Wow, the selling hassles continue - I hope for your sake it will finally clear. I have found jam to be quite a comfort in times of trouble, on toasted bread with the hot tea of my choice. :) Of course it takes more than just those items, but there must be a starting place. ec