Wednesday, July 12, 2006


What a difference it makes having some curtains!

To our surprise, the six sets we ordered on Monday morning were ready by yesterday afternoon. They even came with hooks in the correct places, and the living room ones have ties to hold them back during the daytime.

Tim says they're very Cypriot in style, but he's ambivalent about whether that's a good thing or not. I like them a lot when they're held back, not quite so certain when they're closed at night, but they do deaden the echo somewhat and add a patch of colour to the room.

We've put up one or two pictures, as well.

As for our bedroom, we chose the only kind of material we thought would go. Oddly enough, having decided that blue paint was definitely NOT going to work with the floor tiles, we've found that our blue bedding - and now, blue curtains - are just fine.

Tim decided to keep the curtains he had at the old house - they need to be made shorter to fit, but the colours go well and he likes them, so that's easy.

To my surprise, the cats all slept peacefully on when I got up this morning around 6am. Two in Tim's room, two in ours. Perhaps having curtains makes the rooms darker and quieter, so they don't decide to start the day as soon as the sun rises.

This evening the young Egyptian man staying at Richard's office is coming to eat with us, then will help to fit three wooden blinds we're going to use in the dining room and kitchen, and also to paint the study. He's very keen to help in anything practical like this, which is nice.

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mreddie said...

It has always amazed me how much difference a few curtains can make in the appearance of a house. My compliments, they look very nice. ec