Thursday, July 06, 2006

Moving house, the long version. Sunday.

On Sunday morning, we decided to visit Grace Church, the local charismatic 'New Frontiers' fellowship which meets about five minutes' walk from our old house. There weren't many people there as several were on holiday - maybe 20 in all - and we knew most of them. I was very tired but it was air conditioned (!) and quite a nice service. Two of our friends who go to Grace Church regularly were going to the UK the following morning, so we brought them to the new house for a quick guided tour - and brought a few more boxes with us.

Because Grace Church doesn't meet till 10am, I had extra time in the morning after getting up. So I thought I'd check email, and was pleased to see Daniel online. I explained to him about the problem with blue paint in the new house - he had wanted blue for his room too - and he said he could see the problem, and suggested something the colour of milk coffee, or a frappé.

In the afternoon we started to paint the dining room. Gradually we realised we would have to paint the kitchen too as there's no clear divide. A bit awkward for Richard having to climb on the kitchen counters to paint above the cupboards, but it did look good. We were a little concerned that the colour might be too bright, but gradually decided we liked it. However it was clear that some of it was going to need a second coat, and because we were doing more than we had expected, we ran out of paint. Not really a problem since we were so tired that we really didn't want to continue anyway. We knew we could buy more on Monday morning.

The friends who saw the house spotted that it's near a takeaway place called Souvlaki Express. Souvlaki is the Cyprus equivalent of fast food, being meat with salad and some kind of dressing wrapped in pitta bread. Our friends told us it was excellent, so we decided to try it. Richard had pork souvlaki, and I had halloumi - a local sheep's milk cheese that can be toasted - and they were excellent! Full of fresh salad, with tahini or tsatsiki, and huge. We ate it at the new house then cleared up and went back to our rental house to collapse....

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