Saturday, July 22, 2006


Richard spent this morning getting the final things from our old house - a few things to give to a friend, and some items to bring here, such as long ladders, outside plastic chairs, wheelbarrow...

He also managed to buy the fixings for his satellite dish, and this afternoon fixed it to the roof. Then he had someone come and get it tuned, so he can now watch Euronews and other channels in English. Without the satellite, we only have Greek television. Not that we watch much TV anyway, but with the Israel/Lebanon war, he wants to keep up with world news.

The people staying in our guest apartment took us out to lunch today. We went to Alexander's a pleasant and friendly restaurant on Larnaka sea-front. It was a good meal, but so hot and sticky that I felt tired when we got there, despite managing to park the car only about 100 metres away. All I could face eating was a tuna salad, although I followed that with a Negrita ice cream sundae - chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce, chocolate chips and cream. Yum. We were then offered coffee 'on the house' (as often happens at Alexander's when they're not too busy) and I had a frappé - Cyprus iced coffee.

Sitting at the outside tables, we saw a huge number of ships, in varying sizes. Some of them may be bringing more refugees from Lebanon, but we suspect others may be taking aid, or food, to those still there. Or, possibly, providing an escort for larger aid ships. I would have taken photos, but unfortunately both sets of rechargeable batteries for the digital camera were flat. Not sure how that happened! Perhaps I should carry a set of regular batteries too.

This afternoon I was very tired. It was hot, sticky and humid. I sorted some of the paperwork in the study, then had a late siesta.

Right now, Richard's drilling a hole in the study door, hoping to instal network cable so that the people downstairs can use their notebook computer online, rather than having to use mine to get their webmail.


IndigoShirl said...

Hi Sue

Yes, very troubling whats happening in the Lebanon.

Your restaurant trip sounded very nice though... :~)

Best Wishes


mreddie said...

Sometimes it is almost too hot to eat anything - except maybe ice cream or related items. :) ec