Sunday, August 13, 2006

Boxes, beds and beaches

Yesterday morning Richard checked all our remaining unpacked boxes, most of which he's packed away neatly in cupboards to get them out of the way. Some can stay packed, such as Christmas decorations, or archive tapes and photo negatives. We did find a few useful items and ornaments, and a couple of boxes of paperwork which are now in the study, awaiting further sorting.

Then he decided to make a start on Daniel's room. He unpacked all his clothes and put them in the built-in closets. Of course, Dan took most of his clothes with him to the Doulos, but there are still some shirts, trousers etc here.

In the afternoon, Richard decided to make a start on re-building Dan's cabin bed, which we brought out from the UK last Autumn in individual pieces. Since it was Richard's own creation, based on bunk beds and bookshelves, we couldn't really remember how it worked - and some of it needs to be changed anyway.

It's starting to go together:

In the evening we were invited out for a swim and a meal. The Australian friend who stayed here for a couple of weeks has been to house-sitting for some other friends who are currently travelling, as their flat is right by the beach. We sat and had some drinks at first, and realised how much we take it for granted that life is multi-cultural/international. Here's Richard (a Brit), drinking Sangria (Spanish) from a Starbucks mug (American), which he was offered by a friend (Australian) who's an evacuee (from Lebanon) staying at the home of some other friends (Canadian) - in Cyprus.

The water was lovely and warm shortly after 5pm, and the sun not too burning, so we went to swim for about an hour. Not that we do a huge amount of swimming: more bobbing up and down in the water, with occasional more energetic moments.

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jj said...

Hey that sounds like fun! I'd love to go swimming in the sea on a warm evening. Mmm that makes me miss NZ very very much.
However, I LOVE this rainy cold weather we're having in the UK at the moment. I love having the heating on the house, hehe!