Saturday, August 19, 2006

Where to find picture hooks in Larnaka on Saturday afternoon

This morning we painted the stairs and landing. This afternoon, we decided to hang our family portrait gallery (a mixed bag of framed photos over the years) on the wall next to the stairs.

Problem: we needed more picture hooks.

Further problem: the shop where Richard bought the previous hooks, EOL, has been closed for the August break, and he was almost certain it was still closed today.

But we knew we had seen them in supermarkets, and we also knew that Cyprus is, slowly, becoming more European, meaning that supermarkets at least are now open on Saturday afternoons. When we first arrived here, nearly 9 years ago, everything closed at 1pm Saturday and re-opened Monday morning. Hours are gradually extending, and supermarkets are now open until about 8pm, even on a Saturday (though not, of course, on Sundays).

We also needed some light shades. The last ones we bought, at our old house, were from Orphanides supermarket so we decided to go there and hoped we might find picture hooks too.

Alas, Orphanides had very few light shades. We did manage to find one small one suitable for a bedside lamp, which we needed. But no sign of picture hooks.

Still, we also found some broccoli, which Metro (our usual supermarket) had run out of yesterday.

Next stop: Chris Carrefour supermarket, which has recently been refurbished and redesigned after the merger with Carrefour. We were impressed to see that it now has one of those sliding ramp type escalators where trolleys lock in place, so they can be taken upstairs. Previously there was only a rather clunky lift, if it was necessary to take a trolley between floors.

Unfortunately, Chris Carrefour had even fewer light shades than Orphanides. Nor did it have any picture hooks.

But we did find some little wooden dowels, which Richard needed for Dan's cabin bed.

It occurred to us that Kleima, a kind of general store with everything from fridges and TVs to toys and tools might have lamp shades. We had no idea if it would be open - but discovered it was, until 4pm.

As we parked in the Kleima car park, we were startled to see something we had not seen for some months - raindrops on the windscreen! Naturally I grabbed the camera and snapped a photo.

It only lasted a few seconds, but was still rather amazing for August.

Unfortunately, it became unbelievably humid later in the evening. I don't know if there's a connection.

In Kleima, there were no light shades.

On the other hand, they did have picture hooks...

So we then spent an hour starting to sort through our framed photos and decide some kind of order to hang them.

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Susan said...

We are so disorganised at times that it's a good job that the UK DIY shops are open ALL day saturday - an (sorry) we have been known to drop in on a Sunday too in emergencies.

PS You are doing so well with your painting I suppose it's a little far to come and do mine? :)