Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Argos in Cyprus!

Note: I see that this post is still getting results from search engines. So I should mention, perhaps, that the Argos in Larnaka apparently closed down at least a year ago. It probably wasn't economically viable in Cyprus.  The notice on the window says 'Enoikazetai' - to let. 

I went to the Post Office this morning, and on the way back walked on the shady side of the main road. I noticed a newish shop, one I'd glanced at before, with a sign outside saying 'Argos'. A Greek-sounding name, so I hadn't thought too much about it, but today I realised that the sign is exactly the same as that of the British Argos stores.

I noticed, moreoever, that behind the smoked glass windows there was a variety of merchandise - kitchen appliances, garden equipment, and other random bits and pieces that looked remarkably like the kinds of things sold in the familiar Argos.

Intrigued, I went and had a closer look. There, by one of the windows, was a whole pile of green catalogues. And yes, printed on them was the Argos UK web-site address!

Alas, the store didn't open until 8.30am and it was only eight o'clock. So I came home and told Tim about it. He decided to go and look for himself - it's only about ten minutes' walk from our house - and set off. He hoped to pick up a catalogue, but when he returned half an hour later he had only a single sheet of paper. The catalogues, apparently, cost £4 each although a discount of the same amount is then given on the first purchase from the store. He didn't take any money with him, and we don't know if we want to use it anyway. But he had a chat with the lady in charge, and she told him that the prices will be related to the catalogue prices - only we'll have to pay in Cyprus pounds rather than sterling. An increase of about 20% on current exchange rates, but that takes into account the shipping from the UK.

They have a warehouse at the back, but as they're relatively new, they won't hold all stock and so goods may need to be ordered. And they hope to give away free catalogues eventually, but at present can't afford to do so as they have to bring those from the UK too.

Argos isn't the cheapest place for many items in the UK, but it's considerably better value than many stores in Cyprus. Moreover, it has some things that simply can't be bought anywhere else. So we'll be having a good browse of the UK website, and may well return...


Susan said...

Wonder how football duvet covers, and pink fluffy phones will go down in Cyprus then.

I jest not, see argos on line. :)

Susan said...

Hi just seen the information on the home education in the UK. I've posted on my blog about it.

I think the first paragraph is very true, we have no idea that we we don't have to send our children to school for their education.

It's too late for me, but perhaps someone else from the UK might see it.

metoyou said...

hi you said there was an argos in cyprus, could you possibly let me know where it is thanks.

Sue said...

I don't know where the Nicosia Argos is. But the Larnaka one is on Fanouroumani Street, on the stretch of road between St Lazarus and the Airport Road, on the left going out of town, set slightly back from the road. It's not very big and most stock takes 4-5 weeks to arrive, but it's a start!