Sunday, October 22, 2006

Autumn has arrived

I don't know if it's just that we're more acclimatised than we used to be, or whether Autumn really has come sooner than before. In previous years, it's turned chilly around the first week of November. Oh, the searing heat and humidity of summer tends to go by around the end of September, but October is usually still a warm month.

However we got out the thin duvets a week ago, and have been using them on our beds all week. I started wearing jeans rather than shorts on Wednesday, and even though I felt a little warm in them yesterday, I'll probably stick with them now and put the shorts away until June next year. I even wore a sweatshirt for a few hours one evening. And we had a major thunderstorm with torrential rain in the early hours of Thursday morning, which has left Larnaka feeling much pleasanter, and fresher. The forecast is for no more than 25C during the daytime this week [that's 77F] and as low as 14C overnight [58F]. With more rain to come.

It's 6.20pm and already almost dark. Next Saturday we put the clocks back, so it'll be dark shortly after 5pm...

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Anvilcloud said...

Our autumn is duller, rainier, and cooler thatn last year's. Unfortunately.