Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Like the Number 11 bus in Birmingham (UK)

Rainy days in Larnaka: you wait ages for one to arrive, then you get several in a row.

Yes, there was no rain at all here during July, August or September. Well, maybe a spot or two a couple of times, but nothing serious. Lots of promise of rain last month from the forecasters, plenty of cloud, atmosphere that felt as if surely it MUST rain. And no doubt plenty of it in the Troodos mountains.

But yesterday, at last, the heavens opened. After a slightly dubious start, it poured for at least 15 minutes. Enough to settle the dust, which is good. Then the sun came out and it all dried up, but at least it was a start.

Today the same thing happened, about 2.30pm. Just as Tim was walking home from his piano lesson. He set out with a bottle of water, wearing Richard's sun-hat. It was about 30C with clear skies and sunshine shortly before one o'clock when he departed. He arrived back soaking, though he said at least the sun-hat protected his face from the rain...

Only about fifteen minutes again, but every little counts. It wasn't even forecast today, though we're supposed to get more thunderstorms and rain at the end of the week. There's been quite a lack of rain the last few years, so it would be good if this turns out to be a wetter-than-usual winter.

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mreddie said...

We are in dire need of rain as well, the pond behind our house is really starting to get low. Hope you get the rain you need. ec