Monday, October 23, 2006

Sons' blogs

Tim has started a new blog describing his Open Theology degree course, which he should have started (by correspondence) a month ago. Unfortunately there have been a few teething problems and although he now has some of the modules and most of the necessary books, he (along with several other students) is yet to be allocated a student ID...

Dan has not been sending me blog updates as often as before, as he's very busy now in his job as Waterman on the Doulos, but today he sent me a lengthy post about transferring water and risking floods... amazing.

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jj said...

It's great to see Tim has a blog now (and that Dan has sent a nice long update!). I'm shocked Tim is still waiting for his student ID.... I remember him telling me about that a good few weeks ago! I hope he gets it soon... it must be very frustrating. I remember how frustrating it was not enrolling on my course straight away, and that only lasted about two weeks. This must now be getting annoying for Tim.

Love to you all!
JJ x