Sunday, November 26, 2006

Back in Cyprus

The flight to Bahrain was eight hours, followed by a four hour wait at Bahrain Airport - which somehow looked rather grubby after Singaore, despite being one of the cleanest ones we had previously seen! Then our last bit of the journey, a three-and-a-half hour flight back to Larnaka.

Having claimed tax back in Singapore, Richard knew he should declare the unused equipment we had bought, mainly a computer for the office, and a couple of other items. I don't think Cyprus customs officials expect people to declare things, and they always seem to charge us far less than we expect. Certainly we had to pay less than we received back in tax in Singapore!

So, here we are, home again. The cats were pleased to see us, and it was good to sleep in our own beds again after a very, very long night where we gained six hours in time while getting very little sleep. Larnaka is distinctly colder than it was, but the sun has been shining and the sky is blue... we had almost forgotten what a blue sky looked like while in Singapore! We took sunscreen with us but didn't use it at all...

I am also very thankful for our broadband internet, which has enabled me to upload all the photos which I couldn't do at MacDonald's in Singapore.

We miss Daniel of course, but it was great to see how well he's getting on, and how right it seems for him despite his frequent tiredness!

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