Thursday, November 30, 2006

Last day of November...

.. and already, before December has struck, I've:

  • eaten a mince pie
  • sung some carols
  • enjoyed the central heating
It's still very pleasant out in the daytime, around 20-23C during the morning, but distinctly chillier in the evenings. Richard phoned the guy who used to own our house, and he came over to show him how to service the central heating on Monday. We're only using it for a couple of hours first thing in the morning, and from about 5pm-9pm in the evenings, but it's so nice to come into a warm room if we've been out. After nine winters in house that got extremely cold during the winter, we appreciate it all the more.

As for the mince pie and carols: yesterday afternoon there was an informal advent service at Larnaka Community Church for young families; I went to help in the kitchen, but couldn't resist a delicious mince pie. This weekend I hope to make our Christmas cake and some mincemeat, then mince pies will become a regular feature, but I don't think I've eaten one in November before.

There was only one carol in the advent service, but in the evening we went to a book fair at Grace Church, with refreshments, candles, book reviews, and about four carols to sing. There was also a stall selling Tear Fund Christmas cards, which we can't usually get in Cyprus, so as Daniel's not here to design original cards for us (as usually happens) I bought eighty, and will start writing them soon... maybe I'll even post them before the last posting date!


Kila said...

Sounds like you have a head start on the holiday spirit!

I just found your blog, and my heart skipped a beat--I've always been fascinated by Cyprus.

Phil said...

We have visited friends in Cyprus for the first time this year and had a wonderful time. Thank you for keeping the positive vibes going through this UK winter. (Currently a force 10 gale in West Cornwall).

I really enjoy you