Sunday, November 26, 2006

Last few days on the Doulos

After Dan's half-day off when we went to Sentosa, he had more lifeboat training, including one day when it poured with rain. They had put the canvas covers up but unfortunately they weren't waterproof. However he assured us it was a lot of fun.

Richard says he will never again complain that England is a wet country... Singapore is far, far wetter!

On Thursday night, the last evening at the Cruise Centre berth, we caught the MRT (underground train, like the London Underground but far cleaner and more efficient... like most things in Singapore!) to Little India, Dan's favourite place, and ate at the vegetarian restaurant we had been to twice before, the excellent and inexpensive Komala Vilas which was recommended by someone Richard and Tim met.

We had chapati plates, a filling meal with three types of vegetable sauce, chapatis and popadums, and drinks - and the whole thing came to 24 Singapore dollars, which is roughly the equivalent of two pounds sterling per person!

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