Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Singapore: Sloane Court Hotel

Today we didn't plan to do much. However Richard and Tim did want to look at the Behringer showroom which was apparently about 10km away. And Richard wanted a razor adapter. Neither of these sound very interesting, and I seem to be starting the cold which Tim has been suffering from for the past week, so I suggested I stay at the hotel while they went out. They even left Tim's mobile phone behind so they could send a text message if they were going to be out longer than expected although they thought they would probably be home by lunch-time.

So I had a lazy morning, and around 12.45 received a text message telling me they were going to eat out, so I should eat at the hotel. I don't think I've ever been in a restaurant on my own before, but I had to eat... so I went down and had a very good omelette, chips and salad. And coffee, very important. Much better than the breakfasts. In the morning I thought I would try the advertised ' continental breakfast', but it turned out to be nothing but toast and marmalade! With coffee, and I suppose the price wasn't bad, but even so... quite a disappointment. And not what continental Europeans eat at all!

Then I came back to the room to read and had a lazy afternoon, with more text messages arriving although as I do NOT understand mobile phones (and Tim had only told me how to read one) I didn't manage to get to them all, and accidentally sent a blank message back to Richard, apparently. It seems they didn't find the Behringer store at all, but did find another very good musical shop with lots of guitars, and various other places that interested Richard but would have rather bored me - I've had more than enough shops in the last few days! Moreover they walked there, and walked back... even though they had planned to take the MRT. We think they must have walked at least 20km today. By the time they were back they were pretty tired, so we decided on our last evening at this hotel we would eat in the restaurant. Tim didn't think he could take Chinese food again, and we had very hot Indian food last night, so we settled for basic English food, which is what is served in this hotel.

It means I haven't been out all day, but with a streaming cold that's not such a bad thing. I very much appreciate the size of the bedrooms, including two comfortable chairs and a desk. Yes, it all looks a bit old-fashioned and decidedly shabby in places, with a bathroom that looks as if it came from the 1940s, but the food was good (other than that so-called continental breakfast!) and the service in the restaurant excellent. The prices were similar to what we paid last night at the Banana Leaf Apolo, partly because we didn't need to order any drinks - the waiters poured us drinking water, and topped up at regular intervals.

The Doulos is scheduled to arrive tomorrow morning at 9am so we'll be checking out fairly early. If we're up in time, anyway. So here are a few photos of the Sloane Court Hotel - which, on the whole, is pretty good value for money.

The dining room, looking quite nice before the evening meal:

Upstairs corridor - Tim's room was at the far end:

Our bedroom in the morning, before the bed was remade with freshly ironed top sheet:

The other part of our bedroom with the comfortable chairs:


Anvilcloud said...

I hope the reunion goes well and that cold doesn't get too bad.

thamkngw said...

Singapore's weather can be rather unpredictable, very easy to catch a cold. Hope you get well soon.

I hope you enjoyed your stay, I am surprised that you find Singapore stuff cheap, the locals are complaining that prices have gone up considerably.

It is so nice to hear from your perspective about Singapore, whereas the local public are complaining that as a people,we are not service-oriented and our taxi drivers are a rude bunch, it is nice to hear compliments.

Steve Hayes said...

I visited Singapore 20 years ago, so was interested to read your experiences, and wonder how much has changed. I was there for a course in evangelism at the Haggai Institute, so was there for about 5 weeks.