Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas preparations in general

Ten days away, and we seem surprisingly organised. A bit worrying, really. Mincemeat made yesterday, will do some mince pies tomorrow. Cards and newsletters posted. Presents bought (almost everything online - so much nicer than having to go shopping). Turkey ordered.

We even put the tree up last night, and the cards we've received so far. It's strange that while there's a standard date for taking down decorations (ie twelfth night - 6th January) there's no agreed date for putting them up. Some people start as early as December 1st, some as late as Christmas Eve. We tend to find an evening, or weekend, when we're all at home and last night was about the only possible evening this week. We don't make a huge thing of Christmas but since we have the tree and decorations, we feel we might as well give them an airing once a year.

We're not sure quite what we'll do on Christmas Day. We like to have guests for lunch when possible, but the people we've spent Christmas with for the last few years have all left the island in the past few months. The people in our house group are all going to their home countries for Christmas. And a few other people we've invited already had invitations elsewhere. So it may be just the three of us...

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Anvilcloud said...

More in our previous place than this, many decorations were put up by mid-November or shortly thereafter. There was a Festival of Lights in the other place. They put up displays by the waterfront, but everybody in the city got into the act.