Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tuesday tiredness

It always happens.

I feel as if I'm doing quite well with Christmas preparations - one or two things to do each day as we approach the 25th, but nothing too strenuous or time-consuming. I don't hurry through preparations so as to avoid too much stress, thinking it will be nice to do just a little each day.

Then I wake up one day feeling utterly exhausted, for no apparent reason. Perhaps my brain has gone into overdrive or something. Or too many carols have worn me out.

But I never remember that this is going to happen. So when, yesterday, I had no enthusiasm for anything and kept yawning most of the day, it seemed very odd... I didn't get to the PO Box as planned, nor did I do any of the cooking I had planned for yesterday. Such as the first mince pies of the season...

Today I woke up with a slight headache. I never get much done on Tuesday morning as I help at the local mother-and-toddler group. Still, I did manage to leave half an hour early to give me time to get to the PO Box, where there were several Christmas cards waiting for us, and a book Tim needed for his theology degree course.

I turned on the computer just before lunch and was pleased to see an email from Daniel, who we hadn't heard from in over a week. He suggested it would be a good day to phone, preferably around 7pm his time. The Doulos has just arrived in Bacalod in the Philippines, and that's six hours ahead of Cyprus at this time of year, so shortly after 1pm I phoned. He said it wasn't such a good time after all, since people had suddenly arrived to load water on the ship - one of his big responsibilities as Waterman when they arrive anywhere new. So he had to supervise it for a while. He asked if I could phone back around 8pm his time, which was actually more convenient since we usually eat lunch around 1pm.

It was so good to talk to him. He said it was an enjoyable voyage - they've been at sea for about four days - and he's been taking things easy as he was getting so tired during the recent dry-dock. Loading water was hectic, but he hoped the next few days would be reasonably relaxing. They do get two days off over Christmas, then afterwards will be preparing to welcome the new group of people who will join them in Manila later in January. Unbelievable to think it's almost a year since he went.

I did remember - at last - to post this year's Christmas newsletter and photos on this blog. So that's something. And will probably go and make some mince pies in a few minutes.

But I'm still pretty tired.

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Anonymous said...

A very happy and peaceful Christmas to you all