Friday, January 19, 2007

Painting the guest flat living room

Yesterday evening we painted the guest flat living room. Alas, it wasn't quite as quick as the kitchen. The paint is a rather nice light brown, much more interesting than the grubby off-white that was there previously:

Unfortunately it looked patchy even when it was drying, and this morning it still didn't look great. So another coat is definitely needed. Oh well. At least the colour looks good.

Richard and Tim have hardly any paint on their clothes. And their hands kept pretty clean too. Whereas I always seem to get in an amazing mess when painting...

I have to thank Tim for taking one of the least flattering photos of me that I've ever seen. I did ask him to take a picture of my paint-covered trousers, but didn't expect the angle to be quite so strange:

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Willowtree said...

You look like one of those kids in the videos who get caught red handed doing something messy.