Friday, February 23, 2007

Supermarket update

This morning we went for our weekly trip to the supermarket again. Metro (I only discovered today that they have a web-site) is our favourite, and we usually go there first thing Friday morning. (Well, we actually go around 9am usually, which is almost the middle of the morning for me, but for Richard it's first thing).

Last week I mentioned several missing items, which worried us somewhat. This week we were relieved to see that the shelves didn't look quite so empty as before. Of the items we could not find last week, we did find:

Walls sausages, frozen (I bought two packs)
Bertolli margarine (I bought four containers - only 250g size)
Rombouts brand coffee (though not the style we usually buy)

However there was still no sign of any kind of vegetarian sausages, dairy-free margarine, blackcurrant-and-green-tea or almond milk. Nor any cat litter, of any variety. Just as well I managed to find two of the last ones in the country last week...

The Marmite shelf was looking a bit depleted too, so I bought two jars, just to be on the safe side. Large ones aren't available here so the largest size we can get is 250g.

Since I found the website for Metro, and since they have a form to fill in for feedback or comments, I sent a note to let them know we were missing these items and hoped they would soon stock them again. I don't know if it will make any difference, of course.

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Anvilcloud said...

Re. your comment: it's just one lasagna recipe that calls for something different.