Thursday, March 15, 2007

Cold weather!

After a warmish end of February, and a warmer-than-usual March, we've finally had the cold spell that usually precedes the start of summer weather.

On Tuesday, it rained. Quite heavily around lunch-time, then more lightly in the afternoon and evening. Fairly warm rain, and it wasn't all that cold at night.

Yesterday, it was grey and rainy most of the day, and chillier. Last week when I changed our duvet cover I wondered whether it was time to move from 13 togs to 9togs, but decided against it. I'm thankful I did, because last night was distinctly cold. Sophia got in bed with me and curled up for some time, purring as she got warmer.

This morning dawned with blue skies and sun, but it seems to have got colder, not warmer. At 9.30am when I walked to the church hall to continue sorting out the library, it felt fresh but not cold. I was wearing jeans with a polo-neck sweater and a fleece. The sun was half-out and felt pleasant.

On my way back, I felt extremely chilly, and wished I'd taken a warm jacket and gloves! There was a biting wind.... and within half an hour it had started raining again. The weather site tells me it's 10C outside [that's 50F] and feels like 7C... I can believe it! The house was so cold when Richard got home for lunch he even switched the central heating on for an extra hour.

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susan said...

Oh my littlest kitty likes to get in bed with me, I let her when it was minus something and she was cold. I guess a problem with being born in november. But anyway she now thinks that it's okay to crawl in with me all the time if she feels like it. :)

It was a lovely day here yesterday, but it's back to the drizzle today.