Sunday, March 18, 2007

Larnaka Salt Lake Park

Even with the weather a little colder, it's been quite sunny the last couple of days. I don't go out in strong sun if I can avoid it, as I end up with a headache. But by 4pm yesterday the shadows were lengthening. So Richard and I decided to go for a walk to the Salt Lake Park. Tim was away for the day on an island-wide Christian youth event ('youth' meaning anyone single between the age of 12 and 40!)

I've been telling people we live about ten minutes' walk from the Salt Lake Park, but we hadn't actually tested that - somehow life has been so busy that we haven't been there since moving. So we timed it... and got there in just over eight minutes, walking at a steady pace. Not a bad estimate, then. We have several visitors coming in the next couple of months, and people often like somewhere reasonably close for a walk.

We were a bit surprised to find the park almost completely deserted. It's a lovely place, with benches every couple of hundred metres for those who want to rest, and even a play area for children. It was a nice afternoon - if a little chilly - and everywhere was lush and green after the winter rains.

This is the time of year when there are hundreds of migrating flamingoes in the lake, but they rarely get close to the shore. So the little dots in the centre of this photograph are really beautiful pink birds.

There's an official trail around the entire lake which has been built in the past couple of years - one day we might walk it, but it's quite a distance. Yesterday we contented ourselves with walking for about twenty minutes, then came home by a different and rather longer route.

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momto3cubs said...

What wonderful scenery for your walk!

I always enjoy your photos.

Elisa (Italia) said...

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