Thursday, March 01, 2007

March already

It rained last night. Quite a bit, although it wasn't heavy enough for our roof to leak. Nor were the local streets flooded, but there were puddles all over the place this morning. The sky was blue with just a hint of fluffy clouds, the sun shining, and the temperature a pleasant 18C - just right for a light sweater and a light fleece.

This is one of the streets I walked down; it struck me how different it looks in the early spring, with weeds thriving everywhere. Particularly in this plot which has a sign advertising luxury 1- and 2-bedroom flats. As it has been for the last eight months or more.

Here's what the weeds looked like a bit closer. March is sometimes known as 'yellow month' and this is a hint of why: lemons on the trees, fast-growing (and rather pretty) yellow flowers in any uncultivated piece of land.

I was going to the church hall to start sorting out the 'library' - a rather eclectic mixture of Christian books which live in a small room at the side of the hall. About a year ago (maybe more) someone sorted them into alphabetical order of title - I'm not sure why - but since then they've got progressively more muddled. Most people don't seem to know there is a library, and those that do borrow and return books at random, sometimes donating extras which nobody knows about.

So, armed with a printed list from six months ago, I made a start. Nobody else had offered and I quite like sorting books, but it was more complicated than I expected. In two hours (the duration of the mothers-and-toddlers group meeting in the hall at the time) I just about sorted authors A-H, ticking those on the list which I had found, and writing a new list of those which were on the shelves but not on the list (quite a number).

It's obviously not going to be a quick job, but I can do a bit each week.

To celebrate St David's Day and the spring-like weather, I've changed my blog banner to the one I used last March, showing almond blossom, at the house next-door to where we used to live.

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