Monday, March 05, 2007

Monday miscellaneous

On Friday we went to Metro as usual, and found that some of the missing items were back on the shelves: cat litter (though not our usual brand), blackcurrant-and-green tea, and almond milk. Still no Linda McCartney sausages or cannelloni, but we can do without those. Really, we ought to be thankful that we can get such a variety of 'English' foods in the supermarkets as well as the excellent local produce. Living in Cyprus is a lot easier than it would be in many countries from that perspective.

On Sunday evening, I was in the kitchen, heating up some frozen soup to have with bread rolls. Sophia was making a loud noise, clearly demanding something, but I wasn't intelligent enough to understand. She didn't want to go out, she didn't want cat food, or fresh water, or yogurt. She didn't even want the leftover gravy from the roast chicken Tim made at lunch-time. But she clearly wanted something. Her mews were getting louder and louder, which was rather irritating, until suddenly I realised what the problem was...

Usually on a Sunday night, Richard makes us some salad-and-cheese-filled bread rolls to eat. While filling these rolls, he gives Sophia a piece of cheese. Despite Richard not being in the kitchen, and despite no cheese having left the fridge, she knew it was Sunday and expected her treat.

So I opened the fridge, cut her a piece of cheese, and sure enough that was what she wanted.

This morning I walked to the Post Office as I usually do on a Monday, and was pleased to find that the replacement for the two theology books Tim needed, which hadn't arrived (as described here) were awaiting me. Along with the book which I didn't need to replace... oh well. I shall have to send that one back. Tim was pleased and spent the morning reading one of them (by John Stott) which he said was lighter than he expected and very interesting.

Richard has a bad cold (which is why he wasn't in the kitchen last night). He thinks he caught it from a colleague in Egypt who had a streaming flu-like cold, and spent a lot of time with him the week before last. Richard doesn't often get colds, and this is a particularly bad one. Not bad enough to keep him in bed, but he feels pretty rotten. It started properly on Friday; he felt bad enough by lunchtime that he took the afternoon off, which is quite unusual, and had a couple of hours sleep. He didn't do much on Saturday, stayed in all Sunday, and went to work today 'for a short time', some hours ago.

Tim and I hope we don't get it...


Julie said...

Can't seem to get Linda McCartney sausages here in Bromsgrove either

Anvilcloud said...

It's hard to fathom how the cat would know what day or the week it was. Strange critters, they.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sue,

Just to let you know that I've had to move blog account and I now have a hew address

I've also got problems with Blog ger and will have to sort that out also, hence why I'm Mrs Anonymous at the moment.

Love Susan from Celadon Pool