Saturday, April 21, 2007

Lefkara again

This afternoon we made another trip to Lefkara, where the traditional silver and lace is made. We weren't sure if anywhere would be open, since Saturday is still early closing day in parts of Cyprus, but there were a fair number of tourists around and a lot of shops open.

Some did start packing up around 2.30pm, but we learned from one of the shopkeepers that there was a wedding that afternoon. The daughter of someone who lived in Lefkara was getting married at the local church, and then there would be a reception for 1500 people in Aradippou (not far from Larnaka). That's a lot, even by Cypriot standards!

There's a rather stunning purple-blossomed tree that was in full bloom today:

.. and some of the lace-making women were sitting outside their shops in the sunshine, happy for me to photograph them:

This one tried very hard to persuade us to buy something, but we're used to the heart-rending hard sell appeal that everyone seems to make in Lefkara, and managed to resist:

Finally, after wandering around for an hour or so (and purchasing one or two gifts) we stopped for some ice-creams:

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Kila said...

I enjoyed the photos, thank you :)

I thought of you last night, as my boys and I watched a TV show about Cyprus.