Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day and a new web-site about Cyprus

This is a public holiday - one of many in Cyprus. Today we discovered another benefit of our new house: we can't hear the May Day parade, which in previous years used almost to deafen us.

Our sailing friends said that today was an ideal day to take the dinghies out, so Richard went sailing, borrowing our friends' son as crew. It was too sunny for me even to think of going out, so I did some work on a project I've been turning over in my mind for a while: a new web-site about life in Cyprus. I get several comments from this blog asking me questions about Cyprus, and a fair number of searches for queries about shopping, weather, and other aspects of life here. So I thought I'd build an information site about the island, for ex-pats and visitors. We registered the domain a few days ago and I've now written and uploaded the first three pages.

Since we have more visitors coming tomorrow I won't get much chance to write more in the next week, but wanted to launch it properly today, exactly a year after I launched my home education site.

Any comments welcome... I'm a writer not a designer so I've stayed with a similar basic page layout, concentrating more on the content than the design.

Oh, and anyone who likes to keep up with Daniel's blog - I uploaded a lengthy post from him yesterday, and also some photos to go with his post from March 25th about renovating a ship's wheel.

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Carmen said...

Congratulations on your new site.
It looks really good!