Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Not so hot!

Thankfully, after two days when the temperatures hit 33C, Tuesday was distinctly cooler (no more than about 25C) and today cooler still. Moreover the sky has been grey for most of the day, and it's even rained. Unusual for May, but very welcome since the island is having quite a water shortage. The dams are only 26% full, apparently, despite heavier rain than usual during February and March. Fines have been in place for the last few months, for people wasting excessive water - and although I was a bit cynical, wondering whether they would be enforced, I haven't noticed our neighbours using their hoses as much as they used to. Perhaps people are finally realising that the shortage IS serious.

Someone mentioned the other day that we may get water restrictions again, as happened in the late 1990s when we were first here. I hope not, but if they can't encourage people to use less water there may be no alternative. It's incredible how much water is wasted in Cyprus. I don't know of anywhere else that an article such as 'The Ten Water Commandments' would actually be intended seriously. But until recently, people really did hose down not just their patios but the pavements in front of their houses.

A week of heavy rain wouldn't solve the problem, but it would certainly help....

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Anvilcloud said...

That's what it got up to here in Ottawa today (25C), except it's hot here for May. Hope you get rain. We are expecting some too.