Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sunshine again

I know, I know, the Brits are reputed to talk about the weather all the time. And this is the fourth blog post in a row dedicated to the weather... but in Cyprus, it really is worth talking about, at least at this time of year. In a couple of months it will be hot, humid and sunny, and we'll just shrug and get on with life. But early May is entirely unpredictable. So it's interesting. At least, it's is to those of us who live here.

Today, the sun is shining for the first time since about Tuesday. Bad luck to all those folk who came out here on holiday this week, expecting to sunbathe on the beach. At least today is better. When I walked to church this morning, there were a few puddles on the road, but nowhere was impassable. With the sun, they'll dry up rapidly, although I notice that more thunder and rain is forecast for later in the week. But today there's little evidence of the tornado and storm from Friday, which Richard also wrote about on his blog.

(Incidentally, if anyone found this page by searching for 'Cyprus weather', there's more general information and links to a forecast site on my new site page 'Weather in Cyprus')

Despite the heavy rain, I doubt if much difference has been made to the reservoirs. But do the locals believe that? Apparently not. On my way back from church, I spotted at least three households where the hosepipe was running, washing down patios and pavements. Unbelievable. I know they got grubby and rather sandy from the storm, but nobody is supposed to use hosepipes. There's a threat of on-the-spot fines for anyone caught, but of course the police won't be out on a Sunday morning...

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