Monday, June 11, 2007

Esther at Kurium

Last week was rather strange, and very quiet. Richard and Tim drove every day to Kurium for Esther setup and rehearsals (and the musical itself Friday - Sunday), and returned late at night. Never before midnight. On Saturday morning our latest visitor from the UK arrived, so that afternoon we all went to Kurium so we could actually see the show. We got there mid-afternoon, so were able to have a a look around first; our friend had never been to Cyprus before, and Kurium is quite an interesting site from the archaeological point of view.

The amphitheatre is a lovely place for theatre, looking as it does over nearby hills towards the sea. We were very impressed with the set, too, which looked most realistic despite being built out of polystyrene and wood, with loudspeakers hidden inside:

Tim's main job was ensuring a good quality sound recording, but he also helped with the setup and mixing of the sound. Each day the equipment had to be packed away at night, and then unpacked and set up again in preparation:

Richard's main job was filming on all three nights of the performance, for a production that should eventually go out on local TV as well as being made into a DVD. Some of his PA equipment was also used, and he too helped in the setting up of cables, speakers, microphones and more.

The musical itself was due to start at 8pm, and (given that this is Cyprus, and nothing starts when it's supposed to ...) it was almost on time. The production was very high quality. It was written by people in Limassol a few years ago, expanding the Biblical story of Esther into a two-hour musical. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but it was excellent. For much of it I could even forget about the discomfort of sitting on ancient stone seats... even with cushions it's not exactly comfortable.

The cast was pretty big, and it was nice to see one or two people we know in it. There must have been well over a thousand people in the audience.


Suzanne Moody said...

Thanks for this post. We (my husband, granddaughter and I) visitied Kurium last summer. What good memories to see the pictures and hear of the play. I had looked at the website the other day and was able to sample a little of the music. Glad Tim was able to be a part of the production. I'm sure it was a big week! Thank you again for your blog. It helps keep me connected with Cyprus and what's going on with your family. Hope to return next summer! Blessings, Suzanne

April said...

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itsboopchile said...

Impressive. You seem to have a ministry also of helps to other women re the comments.

Betty G

Phil Ferris said...

The play at Kurium makes me think of the theatre here in West Corwall - the Minack

We visited Kurium for the first time last year and I am sure will go again when out in October.

Thanks for a very interesting blog.