Friday, July 06, 2007

Siamese tomato?

When we first came to Cyprus, it was hard to find cherry tomatoes anywhere. We could buy large, rather tasteless tomatoes all year round, and nice fresh (large) tomatoes for a few weeks during the summer. But that was all.

A year or two later, cherry tomatoes appeared during the summer. I'm glad that fruit and vegetables tend to be seasonal, and we enjoyed the fresh, sweet taste most days. But missed them when they vanished from the supermarkets, and we were left with the large tasteless variety.

A few years later still, cherry tomatoes began appearing all year round. Prices varied somewhat, but either Cyprus growers had worked out how to do climate control of some kind, and could produce tomatoes themselves whatever the season, or they were imported some of the year. Sometimes they were better than others, but always better than the large ones.

This week, the local cherry tomatoes are excellent. And we were particularly taken with this one:

No trick, it really is a pair of conjoined cherry tomatoes.

It seemed a pity to eat them, but they wouldn't have survived long, even in the fridge. So, with one cut of my knife I separated them, and very good they were too.

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