Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Assumption Day in Cyprus

Many businesses keep going, as I mentioned, during the fortnight's holiday period in August these days. But today, August 15th, is a very important religious public holiday in Cyprus. So most of the shops are closed, our neighbours' building work has stopped, and the dustmen didn't come this morning to collect the rubbish. We even heard that some Cypriots won't play tennis today as it's such a holy day.

As an Anglican for most of my life, I thought the Feast of the Assumption was a Roman Catholic thing, but apparently the Greek Orthodox church celebrates it too, and takes it very seriously. It's related to the death of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Legend has it that when she died, her body as well as her soul went straight to heaven. Someone told a friend that it's the second most holy day of the year for them, although I don't know how accurate that is.

Richard is working as usual, and we're going to the beach tonight with some friends from one of the churches; no doubt we'll find plenty of tourist shops and restaurants open on the sea-front, even if it is a specially holy day.

(PS If you've found this post by searching, and want to know about other religious holidays, one of the pages on one of my websites is about public holidays in Cyprus)


Lynda said...

This week's Walsall Observer (one of three weekly local free newspapers) has a full page article on Northern Cyprus - the Turkish side. Three colour photos supplement the excellent travel article. I still enjoy all your different webs and blogs. Blessings, Lynda

Qatar Cat said...

They wouldn't play tennis?? Hahaha

Yeah holy day indeed.

I'm telling you, living abroad for five years or so, we have totally forgotten about this holiday. I'm struggling to remember now that I read about it!


Panicos Demetriou said...

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