Thursday, August 09, 2007

Less heat, less humidity, less swimming....

Visitors to Cyprus (of which there are many during July and August) think it's very hot at present.

Residents of Cyprus are relieved that the heatwave and high humidity seems to have passed. At least, for the past few days.

After last Friday's trip to the beach, we thought we might try and go about three times per week. On Tuesday Tim helps at a Community Church group for students, and on Thursday he runs the choir practice at the Anglican church. On Saturdays he does the cooking, and usually makes us some curry and naan bread, which makes it hard to leave the house for more than a few minutes.

So we thought that Monday, Wednesday and Friday would be good days to go for a swim. Moreover, on Wednesdays in the summer, Grace Church have a get-together on the beach from 6pm with picnic or take-away food, swimming and a game or two of Boules. Being a good inter-church family, we thought it could be fun to join them.

On Monday, the humidity of the previous fortnight appeared to vanish. The weather site no longer said the temperature was 32C, feeling like 40... instead, it said it was 32 feeling like 32. The house didn't feel unpleasantly hot and sticky when leaving an air conditioned room, and there was a pleasant breeze. It was even somewhat cloudy, off and on, during Monday. Most unusual for Cyprus in August.

The sea didn't feel so warm, either. Richard decided it was too chilly for him, so he went to lie on the sand for a bit. Tim and I did swim, and felt quite warm by the time we had been in for five minutes or so. But the breeze was distinctly chilly, so we only stayed in for half an hour.

On Wednesday Richard left the office later than he planned to. It was nearly 6.30pm by the time we found the group. We decided it was too cold for any of us to swim, although some hardier souls went in, even after dark. We thought we would go, with some others, to a convenient fish'n'chip shop, only to discover it had closed down. So we went, by car, to our favourite Souvlaki Express... but by the time we'd done that, and eaten, it was nearly 7.30. There were a few games of Boules, and lots of chat... it was a very pleasant evening, and we'll probably go again next week.

The weather has remained slightly cooler and much less humid, so that we're only air conditioning the bedrooms for an hour or two at night, and the study only when the computer is on. We haven't used it in the kitchen or living room all week.

In the past, sometimes August in Cyprus has been less humid and cooler than July, although it can change any day. In the meantime, I'm very much appreciating it.

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