Tuesday, October 16, 2007

photos from Kowloon Park, Hong Kong (while still not in Cyprus)

On our last few days in Hong Kong, we did some shopping, and also spent an afternoon in Kowloon Park. This is described in the Lonely Planet guide as an oasis in the middle of the town, and that's exactly what it felt like. Who would ever guess that there was this beautiful, peaceful array of greenery just next to the busy Nathan Road shops and the many high-rise tower blocks?

It was only when we found our way to the small lake that we could see the high-rise buildings in the background. But somehow the noise all disappeared as soon as we entered the park.

We had bought some sandwiches and drinks at a small bakery not far away, so we found a bench to sit and relax on for a while. It was rather more humid than the city, but so much pleasanter.

There were a lot of modern art statues to browse around, which I didn't really understand, and also - slightly bizarrely - a statue of Newton:

And in the lake there were more flamingoes than I have ever seen, far closer than they ever come to people n Cyprus:

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