Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Some random photos while not in Cyprus

We're now half way through our seven weeks away from Cyprus. I have finally managed to select a few relevant photos from our travels, which may or may not be of slight interest to some.

First, this is what Sophia did when we were packing. Ralph, Daniel's rather vicious racoon puppet was in my carry-on bag waiting to be taken, and Sophia thought she should come too:

A friend is living in our house while we are away, looking after the cats. Some other friends are staying in our guest flat for three weeks. We've heard nothing, so assume all is going well.

Now to our time in the UK. Here's Tim having a play around on the St Stephen's Church (Selly Park) organ, prior to a meeting one evening. He's really a pianist, but loves the sound of old organs. This one isn't played much these days - the church uses music groups with electronic instruments - but apparently it's still in good condition.

Keeping to the church theme, we were able to see the official bishop's visit to the new Christchurch (Pershore Road, Selly Park) building which, like many websites, is under construction. The Bishop was supposed to lay a foundation stone, but unfortunately the scaffolding was in the wrong place. However he donned a hard hat and luminous yellow jacket and was shown around, and then told everyone to pat themselves on the back...

Here's a quick picture of Tim on his 19th birthday... he has one more year as a teenager in which to rebel. He has tried growing his hair (and is continuing to do so) but since we don't mind in the slightest, it's hardly rebellion. He is now planning to shock us by starting to drink tea. Although he can't quite bring himself to do so yet. We never touch the stuff.

Oh, and here's a shot of the marketplace in Southhampton... or at least, the place I spent a few hours while Richard was at the boat show.

So much for our time in the UK. I wrote more about it in the previous post and Richard has written far more than I have on his blog.

I'll post some Hong Kong photos another day.

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