Saturday, November 24, 2007

Cyprus boat show cancelled

About ten days ago I saw a boat show advertised in the 'In Touch' magazine. Cyprus's first boat show, apparently, due to take place in Ayia Napa. They had a website, so I showed it to Richard. His sailing friends also saw an advert for it.

Today they went out sailing for the morning, then had lunch, then drove to the hotel where the show was supposed to be taken place. Richard said he didn't really expect much of it... maybe two or three stands.

Turns out even that was rather optimistic. The hotel informed them that the show was cancelled. They didn't know why - they were just told three days ago. Lots of people were turning up, apparently, asking for it.

I assume that the message now on the website says something along the lines of 'the boat show is cancelled. Please accept our apologies'.

It's sad, but rather typical. This is, after all, Cyprus.

For more examples of why we - and the locals - say 'This is Cyprus....', I enjoyed this week's 'Letter from Larnaka' post.

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