Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas countown

Being in Cyprus, Christmas somehow seems more relaxed than it ever was in the UK. Perhaps it's the sunshine (most of the time, anyway). Perhaps it's the way that most people around seem to take life as it comes. Perhaps it's the lack of hype (on the whole) in the shops. Or maybe it's just that, not being tied up with a school, we don't rush around to concerts and assemblies and plays, so have time to relax and get other things done.

So, we put our tree and a few other decorations up on Friday. On Sunday, I went to a Christingle service at Tim's church in the evening. At the same time, Richard provided and ran the PA system for a big carol service in Ayia Napa. This morning I went to check our PO Box, and was pleased to remember that I posted our Christmas cards and newsletters a whole week ago. A couple of parcels had arrived, and some cards, and some photos that I ordered ten days ago. They may have been in the box for nearly a week, of course, since I only check it (usually) on Monday mornings.

This evening I made some dairy-free chocolate fudge, something I thought would be an impossibility. It has set well and tastes pretty fudgy and good. Tomorrow I shall probably make some veggie sausage rolls. On Thursday we have a lunchtime pre-Christmas gathering of all Richard's colleagues and his families - I think there will be 18 of us in all - so will make various buffet bits and pieces. But I don't feel stressed about it. At least, not yet...

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