Thursday, August 28, 2008

Too hot in Cyprus

So much for Summer gradually coming to an end.

Yesterday, although not as sticky as last week, the shade temperature in Larnaka was reported as 35C. It felt considerably hotter. For the first time this year, we used the air conditioning in the dining room in the evening when we ate. And then I left the study air conditioner on even after I had turned my computer off, and was reading. In the last couple of weeks I had been opening the doors and windows during the evening, which gave a pleasant breeze, even if a little sticky. Yesterday it was hotter outside than inside, even by 9pm.

Today is no better. Apparently it's 35C in the shade again, and - according to the weather site - it 'feels like 41C'. I don't know how they calculate that. It's not even particularly humid. But it definitely feels considerably hotter than my comfort zone.

When Richard got up, he said, 'There's something you need to do today.'

'What?' I asked. The accounts, perhaps? Buy something locally which we'd run out of? Clean up a hairball?

'You need to remember to use the air conditioning in any room you're in!' he said.

He was right. On Thursdays I make the beds with clean sheets - well, only one bed now, with neither of the boys at home - and clean the whole upstairs. I don't think I could have done it at all without the air conditioner on in our bedroom.

We even used the dining room aircon at lunchtime. And then the living room a/c after lunch while we drank our frapp├ęs and chatted.

As for the cats... they're flaking out all over the house. Tessie is particularly inelegant at times:


Suzanne said...

Hello Sue, I feel for you as we're having 95 F and high humidity. We do use AC all the time here in Kansas. Maybe you can take a break and head for Troodos!

itsboopchile said...

Hi Sue, haven't commented lately, anywhere, much.
We haven't had our AC on very much this summer. A short summer, and a cool one.
Now, the leaves are even turning so winter is creeping up on us.
Glad you had a good summer with your boys/
Betty G

Ars longa, vita brevis said...

hi, i feel the same too, entire summer it was about 'ok' but luck or god left the hottest times right at the end of it,or this is how i experienced this summer's heat here in limassol

personally i cant even stand 'sticky breeze', due to breathing difficulty, i grew up in athens greece where the humidity levels dont exceed 50% with 30 the norm even beside the sea (here it can go up to 90 even during day time but rarely, in general it is 60-70)

Buffy said...

Poor cats in their fur coats.

However, I can't muster that much sympathy given the current weather conditions in the UK, as I am sure you are aware!!