Sunday, November 07, 2010

Lazy Sunday...

.. at least, as far as the cats are concerned.

Sophia is sitting on her favourite turtle. She avoided it for most of the Summer, but now the temperatures are cooler, she likes a fluffy place to sit on. Probably still a little warm from the sunshine coming in the window earlier:

She half opened her eyes when I took the photo, and then went straight back to sleep.

Tessie is also in the study, perched on the back of the sofa. She and Sophia really don't get along, but it's surprising how often I find them sleeping in the same location.

She had a quick wash after I'd taken the photo - the cats tolerate the camera, but aren't particuarly keen on it - and then also went back to sleep.

As for Cleo, I was pretty sure where I'd find her. Not as consistently sociable as the other two, she was exactly where I thought she would be. Curled up in the middle of our bed:

She also opened her eyes when I appeared, and scowled at me suspiciously. Perhaps she thought I was going to disturb her rest by changing the sheets, or getting into bed myself. As I left the room, she relaxed and also went back to sleep.


Steve Finnell said...

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Penny said...

There is nothing like a cat (or several!) for epitomising lazy afternoons! Yours are beautiful! Just looking at them is making me feel snoozy............