Saturday, November 27, 2010

A successful purchase

This week seems to have lasted a long time. It was a surprise to realise that it was only last Saturday when we spent the morning shopping.

One of our purchases was particularly successful. The one which we did not intend to buy until we happened to see it:

.. the rather old-fashioned but good condition Breville toastie maker.

Since the home-made bread from our bread-maker is too large, I bought some supermarket square bread to keep in the freezer for toasties. I also bought some extra cheese, and (for Richard) some thin sliced turkey ham.

On Sunday evening, Richard tried the experiment. Lightly brushed oil on the non-stick plates, bread, fillings...

... and after the required time, perfect toasties appeared:

They were neatly cut in halves diagonally, and lifted out with the greatest of ease:


On Wednesday evening, a friend arrived to stay in our guest flat. He wanted something to eat when he arrived, so Richard made him some toasted sandwiches, which somehow feel more substantial than a regular sandwich.

I assume the Cyprus weather will cool down eventually before next summer... if it does, we might start having toasties for lunch regularly.

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