Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wearing a sweatshirt...

While the UK is in the clutches of one of the coldest, snowiest Novembers on record, we've been basking in unseasonable warmth here in Cyprus.

In previous years, the weather has started to feel chilly around the end of the first week of November. By mid-November, we usually want to switch our heating on. I get out our warmer duvet, and dig out the sweatshirts and fleeces.

Not so in 2010. We've seen highs (in the shade) of 25-28C every day. We haven't had any rain at all, which is worrying since Cyprus needs regular rainfall in the winter months.

The evenings have been a little cooler. I have a couple of very light-weight jackets which I've been putting on in the morning, and once it gets dark in the evenings.

But today, when I stepped out of my shower, I felt as if the weather was, possibly, beginning to turn cooler. About time too, on the last day of November. And so... I found one of my favourite sweatshirts, and put it on. For the first time since at least May. Possibly since April.

The forecast for today is a high of 27C, but it's 9.30am already and only about 20C so far. The sky is bright, but overcast. My hands feel cool, and I'm glad of the sweatshirt.

Perhaps we might need our central heating before too long.

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