Thursday, December 09, 2010

Weather forecast for Larnaka...

We had no rain at all during November.

Then a heavy shower with a bit of thunder a few days ago, overnight. Enough to freshen the atmosphere a bit, and to cool the temperatures somewhat.

Today it looked a little grey, so I checked the forecast. Rain is due to start tomorrow morning, apparently, and continue through most of the day.

Then I looked at the ten-day forecast. I don't think I have ever seen continual rain for ten days predicted for Larnaka, so as it will no doubt change, I took a screenshot:

Clicking it will make it bigger, but even with the small version it shows rain icons every single day.

If we really get this much rain, it will certainly make up for the high temperatures and lack of precipitation during November.

Oh, and for anyone interested in our dishwasher saga... Richard took a look under the sink last night, found a spanner, and succeeded in turning the water on without breaking anything. Evidently the engineers hadn't tried hard enough, or were too worried about breaking it. So we don't need a plumber, and don't need any new fittings.

And the temporary replacement not-so-new dishwasher worked!

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Anvilcloud said...

Gotta love the dishwasher saga.