Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May in Cyprus, racing by...

It's over two weeks since we returned to Cyprus. It always takes me a while to feel back to normal when we come this way. Something to do with jet lag, probably, although the time difference is only two hours, and I didn't have much trouble adjusting to that. We didn't even have a night flight. We left our last destination late morning, had a fairly leisurely lunch at Gatwick Airport, bought some sandwiches for the flight, and were then met at Larnaka at around 10pm Cyprus time. We did a little unpacking and I had a good night's sleep... but still felt brain-fogged for almost a week.

Still, in the past few days I've managed to catch up with six weeks of book-keeping (ugh) on our Cyprus and UK accounts, I've done some important website updates, and I uploaded reviews of all the books I read in the past month or so. I did a few while in the UK.

A friend is staying in our guest flat at present, working with Richard; a Cyprus friend will be staying there from the middle of next week, prior to leaving the island. People come and go here regularly; we never quite get used to it, but the ex-pat community is very mobile.

Weather was lovely when we arrived back - warm enough to switch to our light duvet, and to abandon any sweatshirts and fleeces, but cool enough that I'm still wearing jeans rather than shorts, and only started using the ceiling fans yesterday. I hope we won't need to use the air conditioners until at least June, and would like to keep in long trousers for another week, but it has got distinctly warmer in the last couple of days, so I may just give in and switch to shorts in the next day or two.

On Saturday we went to Antidote Theatre to see 'Sparkleshark', which was being done by the 10-14 age group. We knew three of the ten actors, and enjoyed it very much.

On Tuesday I went to the local park to meet my friend Sheila, and arrived to find her on the swing with her two youngest daughters: one on her lap, one on her back. Another of her daughters was standing on the swing next to them. It looked like fun:


Janet Morgan said...

what a lovely hour i have just spent reading all info. about cyprus.My husband and myself hoping to move there in the next few months.Best site found so far.Also personal details which is so warming, when at this stage we feel a little scary of the big decision to leave the u.k. Thanks sue.

Sue said...

Thanks, Janet - it's so good to know that this blog is sometimes useful as well as letting family and friends know what we've been doing. If you have any questions, please do get in touch; I can't guarantee to answer but can make an attempt.